Wake The Dead

Breaking a sweat, one thought in my dead head. I don't want, I need it. I let you under my skin again. Play to me, pretend. I'm falling in.
One touch I'm feeling it. Let me crawl in all of that sin again. “Keep down the noise”, they're screaming! Cry out again, again.
You came, you went. You make me useless. Late night. Midnight, but its all right. Look to me, I see you're quivering.
Our time is deathless. Pull closer, push out the next breath. The dawn isn't all that's breaking. Wake the dead!
The motion’s got me out of my head. They keep knocking, but I'm not listening. Wait, my friend, a minute and we'll start up again.
And then again. I want to hear you screaming!
Here, you'll find me inside breathing the air you're breathing out. Wait. Stomach aching. There's no use muted. Might as well get to it.
Let's play a game. You know the rules. Act, I'll react to what you do. Don't hesitate and don't you hide. Let them wait there for a while.
For just a little peace and quiet. It'll all come in due time. Now we're swearing on our lives. What was lost you know I'll find.
It's not a crime to feel divine. We could toss our words aside, I hear you call with my eyes. So close. Let's not hide it.
I know we can fight it. Inside and out, I see a fire burning out. It doesn't end in the bed, let it break. Let it give you away.
Baby, don't you fake it. Cry out again. I want what no one can take. I told you it doesn't end in the bed, let it fucking break.