Not Dreaming

Tell me you're floating and falling further than gravity lies you down. So deep this hole is. And sinking further down. I don't regret it.
Feeling like Iím stillborn, not breathing, but I'm hanging on. Back in the pitch black, you'll be my heart attack. I'm not dreaming no more.
Back in the pitch black, there ain't no going back. No more dreaming at all. Tell me you're smiling, I'll show you happiness;
The root of all evil. I'm on my way there, but this one's not been bought with fame and fortune. Bitch. You know I like it rough.
Pray if I'm not waking up. If tomorrow night you woke up and you faced the black of night, I bet you'd question your life.
In your search to find the answer, would you rather that you died? I bet you'd break down. WAKE THE FUCK UP!